My work at as a UX designer at the CFPB required a large variety of user experience skills as I was assigned to a number of projects. These are outlined below.

Design manual style guide

  • Developed the design of notfications for the CFPB website based on inspiration from 18F and the standards
  • Worked with a graphic designer
  • Wrote the copy and code for the page
  • Screenshot below

Hiring Tool for Advisory Board

  • Project: Current hiring process is too much of a drain on employee time and resources.
  • Solution: Redesign the entire process and introduce technology to streamline the process.
  • Duties: Evaluate current process and available tools to solve pain points for both applicants and hiring committee. Deliver recommendations

File sharing system pilot

  • Project: Design pilot for a new file sharing system to the agency to make it easier to find and share research
  • Solution: Development of personas, suggestions for metadata rules.
  • Duties: Conduct user interviews, lead group sessions to compose personas and metadata rules

Consumer complaint database

  • Project: Compose new functionality to the current system to aid researchers and reporters in usage of data.
  • Solution: Make data more accessble by saving and sharing searches and introducing data visualizations
  • Duties: Research system capabilities and comparable systems, write moderators guide and screeners

Alerts, validations, and error messaging standards for the CFPB design manual

CFPB Design Manual Notifications