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hello. i'm david.

i'm a ux researcher / designer

I create solutions that make complex concepts simple, easy to understand and fun to use. I bring out the best in collaborators through a process-driven approach. I believe good conversations are the beginnings of great ideas.

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What i do

Analysis / Research

  • Dive into the literature
  • Survey potential users
  • Analyze the competitors
  • Interview experts and users
  • Develop a deep understanding of the subject
  • Identify challenges I will face in the process

Personas / User Journey

  • Use my research to identify users
  • Design personas covering a complete swath of potential users
  • Create detailed personalities with personal stories, pain points, and characteristics
  • Diagram how each type of user will navigate the solution
  • Define what features will be necessary

Brainstorming / Wireframing

  • Identify specific challenges from the user journeys
  • Sketch 5-minute potential solutions
  • Create a quick paper prototype to test with users
  • Iterate on the results until the navigation is intuitive

High Fidelity Mockups

  • Construct wireframes in Axure or Omnigraffle
  • Develop high level designs in Illustrator
  • Create style guide with colors and fonts
  • Work with the client and collaborators to refine the design

Prototyping / User Testing

  • Create clickable prototype using Invision, Keynote or Flinto
  • Have various users complete specific tasks
  • Iterate on any difficulties the users have
  • Update changes in the high fidelity mockup
  • Launch solution!

My Toolbox

● Pen and Paper ● Whiteboards ● HTML5/CSS3 ● Adobe Illustrator ● Omnigraffle ● Axure ● Invision ● Flinto ●

About Me

I am David Fenigstein, a User Experience researcher/designer from Washington DC

Drawing from a background in lab science and teaching, I have a scientific approach to user experience. My path to becoming a User Experience designer derives from my love of science and art. Teaching physics at The Oxbow School, a small art program for 16-18 year olds has taught me that beautiful results come from a strong focus on the process over the finished product. Steven Johnson, a media theorist, has said "Chance favors the connected mind" which resonates with me. I believe the greatest insights happen through conversations.

When I'm not designing, you can find me on the ultimate frisbee field, catching up on science discoveries, seeing live music at small venues in Baltimore, or camping.